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Privacy Enhancing Technology for complete privacy of information. Encrypted Relational Database Model (ERDM™) - The Last Line of Defense

Addressing Privacy: Protection of Data Within the System

Without the proper privacy safeguards in place, personal and confidential information stored in electronic format is highly vulnerable to theft and unauthorized disclosure.

Prescient has developed a model for relational databases that ensures complete privacy of information from every unauthorized person. From those that deal directly with the maintenance and administration of the database, to the users that interact with the system (to varying degrees) over public and private networks. Prescient’s Encrypted Relational Database Model (ERDM™) represents a unique method of database design and management that ensures privacy of data.

No unauthorized person will ever be able to compile confidential information on any person, such as tombstone data (e.g. date of birth, etc.), which could then be used to identify an individual. This solution prevents unauthorized access ensuring that personal data is protected, while reinforcing the fundamental tenets of legislation enforced more and more by authorities such as FIPPA(Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) and MFIPPA (Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act).

Protect the Privacy of Those That Trust You the Most -- Your Customers

The Encrypted Relational Database Model (ERDM™) is invaluable for the protection of sensitive corporate information, such as customers’ credit card records, or insurance-related information held within a corporate database. These electronically stored files are a gold mine for data pirates. CEO’s, CTO’s and Chief Privacy Officers who are responsible for protecting these valuable assets can rest assured that confidential information will not be accessed by any unauthorized person, through the ERDM™.

Privacy of Information and the Health Industry

An area that stands to benefit greatly through the use of electronic systems is the health industry. The use of Electronic Health Records grant faster and more accurate access to patient information. However, in this new e-Health model, sensitive patient information can be exposed to unauthorized viewers unless essential issues surrounding privacy are properly addressed. In order to ensure the strictest privacy and confidentiality of patient data, a number of issues need to be considered. While trying to prevent unauthorized persons with malicious intent to access sensitive patient information, there needs to be protection of information from those that directly maintain the information systems as well. See how Prescient's ERDM™ is addressing Privacy and Security in the Health Industry to ensure complete confidentiality of patient information..

Solutions that do not succeed in addressing the fundamental issues of privacy will ultimately fail in protection of confidential data.

ERDM™ gives those responsible for highly sensitive information the ability to protect this valuable information, and maintain the trust and confidence of their client and stakeholder base.

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